There are many ways to promote a vehicle, and while counter displays with stunning visuals are important for a showroom, you shouldn’t forget the impact of printed marketing materials that can be taken home. These materials can reinforce a customer’s experience and remind them to visit your dealership, whether they are buying or servicing their car.

Some dealerships opt to hire a professional photographer and snap photos of each car for their website. But for those with budget constraints, DIY photography can be an affordable option. In fact, it could be the perfect way to showcase the vehicle’s features and entice potential buyers.

A wallet ice scraper is another useful giveaway for consumers that can be hung from the rearview mirror. Not only does it help drivers scrape ice and snow, but it also displays your business logo design. Other windscreen stickers include for sale and sold stickers, which can be used to encourage shoppers to buy while the price is low or to show they have made a purchase.

Other ways to use your vehicle as a promotional tool are with full or partial wraps. These can be customized to meet your brand guidelines and personal specifications, ensuring they fit perfectly on your vehicle and make an impact. They can be paired with vinyl graphics, vehicle magnets and even perforated window films.

Alternatively, you might prefer to go for a partial wrap that only covers the vehicle’s windows visti, but still allows you to display your business name and logo on the side of your car. This can be a good option if you have a neighbourhood with strict rules about signage or you want to avoid the hassle of painting your vehicle.

Vehicle wraps and graphics are particularly popular for businesses that work on location and visit clients at their homes, such as cable companies, delivery services, electricians, handymen, plumbers, dry cleaners and tutors. They can give a strong sense of professionalism to your service and earn trust from your customers.

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