Commercial & fleet vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise your business and brand. Using a combination of printed vinyl and digital artwork, these custom wraps can transform any vehicle into a mobile branding machine. They can feature your company’s logo, contact information, or other branding elements. Not only do these wraps give your fleet a professional look, but they also capture potential clients’ attention and generate business wherever they go. Vehicle wraps can range in style from simple lettering to complex photo images. Whatever style you choose, there’s an option to fit your budget.

Commercial & fleet vehicle wraps can be easily installed by a professional. With today’s vehicle wrap technology, the process is quick and easy. You’ll have a new look in no time. Even if you’ve had a wrap for years, you can easily change or refresh the design to keep your fleet looking professional.

While traditional advertising methods are expensive, fleet wraps are a fantastic way to increase your business’s brand recognition. Considering that the average driver travels around 35 miles per day, fleet wraps are a great way to get your name out in the public. Plus, they give you the opportunity to advertise directly to consumers on the road. This is the dream advertising scenario for businesses.

The design of your fleet wrap should reflect your brand image. While it’s essential to create an eye-catching message, it’s also important to make sure it’s legible when the vehicle is stationary or in motion. Try to use simple fonts with medium spacing, so that drivers can read the message without difficulty. You can also use white space to highlight the design of your fleet wrap.

The right-wrap design can get your phone ringing with potential customers. Plus, proper installation ensures that your vehicles stay on the road, earning you money. By following these guidelines, you’ll have a more successful commercial & fleet vehicle wrap campaign in no time. It’s that easy. Contact a professional today to get started!

A professional fleet wrapping company will walk you through the design process, listening to your specific needs and concerns. Once you’ve selected your design, your fleet wrap company will send you proofs so you can make sure it looks its best. They will also discuss the installation process with you and answer any questions you have.

The cost of commercial & fleet vehicle wraps is extremely competitive compared to other advertising media. On average, a wrap will cost only 76 cents per thousand brand impressions, which is less than a billboard or radio ad. Furthermore, the return on investment is high. In fact, fleet wraps generate nearly three dollars in sales for every dollar spent.

Fleet vehicle wraps are an excellent way to supplement your marketing mix. These graphics are printed on a special type of adhesive-backed cast vinyl. This material has a high degree of durability and flexibility. It can stretch over curved surfaces. Even if your vehicles are not perfectly straight, a vinyl wrap will not crack or peel.

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